Who Is Robb Evans And Why Should You Listen To Him?

Robb is a qualified personal trainer registered with Fitness Australia. Robb prides himself on educating his clients so that they are able to live a fit and healthy lifestyle forever!

Robb has a unique background. As well as being a qualified Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer, he is also a fully qualified Chartered Accountant who has worked in Senior Management positions in large organisations for the past 19 years. With his fitness and business experience, Robb brings a level of professionalism, maturity, customer service and focus that is often missing from the fitness industry to help you achieve your individual goals sooner! Robb has worked with children, teens, sedentary adults, baby-boomers, seniors and professional athletes.  

Robb has helped hundreds of people take control of their health and fitness and change their lives forever.


Studioz Personal Training was awarded an Australian Fitness Industry Excellence Award - the People's Choice Award for Victoria 2009 - this award involved 3,750 votes across 327 fitness businesses throughout Australia.

In 2010 Studioz Personal Training was awarded the Judges Recognition Award in Business Excellence at the Cardinia Business Awards and was a finalist in 2011.


Studioz Personal Training has also been featured in the Berwick and Pakenham Journals, Weekly and the Pakenham Gazette. 


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Eric Ruth, Fitness Expert Network

"...with dozens of body transformation success stories under his belt, Robb Evans is the most influential, in-demand and accomplished fitness and nutrition coach in Pakenham...."

Robb Evans, Owner & Operator
Studioz Personal Training
E:  StudiozPT@gmail.com
Ph: 0421 287 1070421 287 107


If you've got the guts to change your family's life

forever, then the Family Food Rescue is for you...

I Will GIVE YOU $11,749 of my Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Services To Get Your Family the Best Looking, Best Performing, Healthiest Bodies You've EVER Had...

And You'll Do It In 24 Weeks!

Family Food Rescue:  The 24-Week SCIENTIFIC Life-Changing,

Best Body, Best Performance, Best Health System


WARNING:  Only 1 Family Will Be Accepted Into The Family Food Rescue.

Read This Letter Now To See If You Qualify...Your Family's Very Own

Personal Fitness & Nutrition Coach For 24 Weeks!

Imagine what it feels like having people stare at your family on the beach, enviously wishing they looked even half as good as you do.


Imagine how it feels having friends so amazed by your whole family's TOTAL transformation they jealously ask... "What's your secret?"


Imagine complete strangers watching you in the grocery store to see what you're buying because they desperately want to know what you know.


Accept the Family Food Rescue Challenge and this becomes your family's new life, new normal and new reality over the next 24 weeks from today.


                 From Robb Evans

                 Studioz Personal Training

                 Tuesday 7:25am             

Once you register my office will contact you to discuss any preliminary questions you may have.

I look forward to working with your family in the Family Food Rescue program and giving you the best nutritional experience you've ever had...and you'll have fun doing it!


Robb Evans
Studioz Personal Training
Ph:  0421 287 1070421 287 107

P.S. If you have questions about the Family Food Rescue program feel free to call my office at 0421 287 1070421 287 107.  We'll be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you have.

P.P.S. Remember, this is program is FREE, so you've gone nothing to lose and everything to gain for yourself and your family.  There can be only one winner, so make sure you don't miss out by registering now.

Dear Families,


It will cost you $0 to put Cardinia's Family Food Rescue Challenge to the test and I'm going to give you over $11k worth of my nutrition, coaching, group and personal training services to transform your family's life over the next 24 weeks!

If I've got your attention and interest, then read on because this is the most important message about your family's health, fitness and quality of life you will ever hear.

As a health and services professional with over 26 years of experience in

the field, I am recognised and trusted for my expertise in the

health, fitness and nutrition area with hundreds of local life-
changing body transformations under my belt.

Why am I doing this?  Simple, my passion for nutrition and

growing frustration with the increasing obesity epidemic in our

community has driven me to create this unique, FREE

"Family Food Rescue" nutrition and exercise program to

completely transform the lives of one Cardinia Shire family.  I will personally work with the winning family over 24 weeks to provide them with all the skills, tools and motivation to not only achieve incredible transformation results, but to empower the family to take control of their health and fitness forever!

How do you qualify to win the Family Food Rescue Challenge work?  All you need to do is either submit a video of YOU, with YOUR FAMILY, or tell me in 250 words or less, why your family  needs to be rescued from being unhealthy, overweight or obese and why you're deserving of this amazing 24 week family transformation (must be at least 3 family members living in the one household).

I'll take your family on a journey and teach you what to eat, when to eat, how to prepare fast, delicious, nutritious food that the whole family will love to cook and eat and how to set your household up for success.  This program does not include dieting or gimmicks - it's based on over 20 years of independent science based nutrition and exercise research that works!

If you're not convinced that we need to change the way we currently feed ourselves and our children and educate ourselves and our families about food and how we keep ourselves healthy, then please take the time to read these alarming statistics:

   Alarming Obesity Statistics...


                                                  Statistics published on 16 December 2011, showed that the
                                                  total number of Victorians obese or overweight has
                                                  increased to an average of 48.6% of the total population. 
                                                  For Cardinia Shire, the percentage of overweight or obese
                                                  people is 53.2%
(Herald-Sun, Obesity Crisis: Gut-Busting
                                                  Teams To Blitz Victorian Towns, 16.12.2011)

                                                      Comparing the results of an
Australian Bureau of
                                                   Statistics surveyed conducted in 2004-2005 with the preceding 15 years, shows increases in the number and proportion of adults who are overweight or obese.  Over the four surveys, the number of overweight or obese adults in Australia increased from 4.6 million in 1989-90 to 5.4 million in 1995, 6.6 million in 2001, and 7.4 million in 2004-05
(ABS-Overweight and  Obesity in Adults, 4719.0, 2004-05).

A report prepared by researchers from the School of Population Health at the University of Western Australia shows further alarming results.  The research indicates that the life expectancy of obese Australians is reduced by four years and, if present obesity trends in children continue, their life expectancy will fall by two years
(Herald-Sun, Obesity Crisis Will Cut Years Off Lives Of Australians, 5.3.2008)

The Victorian Government received a report in 2008 from the Department of Human Services which says, based on past trends, 83% of men and 75% of women in Victoria could be overweight or obese by 2025. 
(The Age, Brumby Declares War On Fat Society, 18.3.2008)

Prevention remains very important because obesity is hard to treat and has adverse physical and psychological outcomes.  Overweight children are more likely to become obese adults, and an overweight school aged child with an obese parent has more than a 70% chance of being obese in young adulthood
(Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia, 2003)

   What Is The "Family Food Rescue" Program?

I'm fed up with these increasing trends, so I want to provide one lucky Cardinia Shire based family the opportunity to work with me over the next 24 weeks to completely transform the health of their household.  The program is completely FREE and includes in excess of $11k of my services to be delivered over the next 24 weeks.

I'll teach your family everything you need to know to completely empower your household to get out of the rut, take control of your exercise and nutrition once and for all.  I'll teach you the healthiest ways in the world to be feeding yourself and your family.  I'm a Certified Metabolic Nutritionist and I'm going to give you all the tools and knowledge you need to change your lives forever!


                              Here's what's included in the
                              "Family Food Rescue" Program



    1.  Family Food Rescue gives you highly structured, highly tailored nutrition plans
        individually personalised for your family.

   2.  Family Food Rescue will teach you what to eat, when to eat, how to get the whole
        family involved in cooking and eating fast, delicious, nutritious food with over 110
        fabulous recipes, in less than 10 minutes.

   3.  Family Food Rescue will teach you the 7 steps to success to enable your household
        to take control of your health and fitness forever.

   4.  Family Food Rescue will enable you to NEVER follow another diet again, teach you
        and your children to eat like the healthiest people in the world by eating the most
        amazing food.

   5.  Family Food Rescue will show you how to be smarter about how you exercise and
        still be able to achieve your fitness goals by only exercising a handful of hours per

   6.  Family Food Rescue will provide you with an in-home consultation to perform a
        make-over of your food and take you on the ulitmate supermarket shopping tour.

   7.  Family Food Rescue will provide you with an incredible arsenal of research, special
        reports, systems, tools, motivation and other bonuses to provide you with
        EVERYTHING you and your family need to create your new "normal".  I will also
        provide you with our amazing Preferred Rolodex containing over $3,400 of value.


     8.  Family Food Rescue gives you hands-on coaching from me personally - installing
         into you, and your children's minds and lives, the nutritional and fitness habits for
         sustainable healthy living.  This will include weekly family progress meetings to
         make you stay accountable and keep you moving forward.  We will all work as a
         team to overcome any obstacles and perceived barriers that lay in your way.

   9.   Family Food Rescue will give you 24 weeks of unlimited access to our Boot Camp
         program - this is available to the entire family.  This will also give your family
         social support
from the other Boot Campers.  Together as a team we move forward
         (there is awesome power in this synergistic group  experience).

   10. Family Food Rescue will teach your children how to understand the concepts and
         differences  between "everyday" and "sometimes" foods.

   11. Family Food Rescue will empower your children to take the first steps in taking
         full and
complete control over their health, fitness, body and life.  That confidence
         snowballs and compounds with each passing day - with each personal victory.


Does YOUR Family Have What It Takes?

This really is going to be the ultimate transformation journey with your entire family.

How Do You WIN?

The Cardinia Shire family that records the best video and is judged to be the most worthy and deserving family, will win the prize outlined above,worth over $11k in value.  Register your details below, record your video up to 3 mins in length, upload it to YouTube and send me the link at StudiozPT@gmail.com

Tips For Your Video / Written Submission

* Make sure the whole household is included

* Explain WHY your family needs help

* Explain HOW committed to change you are & seeing through the 24 week program

* Have some FUN!!

When Do Entries Close?

We will announce the commencement of our next program soon, but if you're interested and would like to go into the draw before it is announced, please contact us via email StudiozPT@gmail.com.

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